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Debates and Information on Europe in Denmark
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Events and Activities
Seminar September 8 2016 energy transition Copenhagen
9 September, 2016 -   Time: 10:00 - 16.00
Place: Christiansborg, Copenhagen, Denmark

Seminar: Local Driven Energy Transition in Denmark and EU
Presentations by Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition, and Danish politicians, as well as Danish and international experts
The Danish politicians including: Thomas Danielsen (V), Jens Joel (S), Søren Egge Rasmussen (Enh.).
Danish NGOs and experts including: Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE/VedvarendEnergi; Henning Bo Madsen, NOAH; Preben Maegaard og Leire Gorrono from Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy; Karl Sperling, associate professor, Aalborg University.
International experts including: Dirk Hendricks from European Renewable Energy Federation (EREF); Jose Etcheverry, professor; York University, Toronto, Canada; and representant for Skotland's Energy Agency "Local Energy Scotland".

See Program: Program (pdf, 1 page 161 kB) (in Danish)
Note: The language of the event was in Danish. The international experts' presentations were in English.

The event got fully booked. The 70 very interested participants included representatives of NGOs, industry, universities, media, students, environmental activists and many private persons as well. There were lots of questions and discussions.

The event was organised in cooperation with INFORSE-Europe members: VedvarndeEnergi (SustainableEnergy), Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, and NOAH.
Read more: Ccoverage of the event VedvarendeEnergi, and Nordic Folkecenter's press message.
Proceedings Program/Presentations:

Centrale SpèrgesmÕl Henning Bo Madsen presentation

Behov og muligheder for en lokalt drevet omstilling til vedvarende energi, afgifter og tilskud til at muliggøre omstillingen
by Gunnar Boye Olesen VedvarendeEnergi og International Network for Sustainable Energy
Download: oplæg tekst (pdf file, 0.5 MB)

New EU-renewable Energy Directive: Consequences of various types of ownership. Its room for democratic and bottom-up initiatives, community benefits, local income generation and the necessary local acceptance.
by Leire Gorrono social scientist, Nordisk Folkecenter for Vedvarende Energi
presentation (pdf file, 2.4 MB)

Regeringens forslag og ideer om udvikling af energiafgifter og tilskud i lyset af EU's konkurrenceregler.
by Thomas Danielsen (V), Energiordfører

Hvordan kan EU's konkurrenceregler fremme omstillingen til vedvarende energi med lokal deltagelse?
by Margrethe Vestager, Europakommissionens kommissær for konkurrence.

Spørgsmål og kommentarer fra Jens Joel (S) energiordfører og andre.

Concerns of EU regulation for the energy transition
By Dirk Hendricks, European Renewable Energy Federation
Download: presentation (pdf file. 2.7 MB)

Framework for 100% Community Power
by Jose Etcheverry, professor, York University, Toronto, Canada
presentation (pdf file, 6.8 MB)

Scottish transition to renewable energy with local projects
by James Buchan, Development Officer, Local Energy Scotland.
Download: presentation as pdf file

Rapport fra to lokale energiprojekter i Sdr. Vium og Bjergby, Mygdal
by Morten V Petersen, Victor Energy, Sdr. Vium
Download: presentation (pdf file, 0.7 MB)

Hvilke samfundsøkonomiske fordele giver folkelige deltagelse I energiomstillingen og hvordan fremmer vi den politisk
by Karl Sperling, lektor, Aalborg Universitet
presentation (pdf file, 0.9 MB)

Visioner og forslag for Danmark og EU -
fra Alliancen for Community Power

by Henning Bo Madsen, NOAH
Download: presentation (pdf file, 0.7 MB)

Paneldiskussion: Hvordan fremmer dansk politik den folkelige deltagelse i energiamstillingen.

Deltagere: Jens Joel, energiordfører, (S); Christian Poll, energiordfører (Alt); Søren Egge Rasmussen, energiordfører (Enh.); Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE/VE; Preben Maegaard, Nordisk Folkecenter for Vedvarende Energi
Download:Preben Meagaard presentation input til paneldiskussion (pdf file, 4.7 MB).

Incl spørgsmal og kommentarer fra salen.
15 January, 2016
Debate/Conference with Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition
Strategies for Sustainable Energy Solutions
Time: 8:30 - 11.30

Place: Dokk 1, Aarhus, Denmark
Organised in cooperation of Danmarks Vindm
ølleforening, Ingeniørforeningen IDA, VedvarendeEnergi and INFORSE-Europe.

See Program & Invitation:

- Program at the website of VedvarendeEnergi (in Danish)


- Program (pdf, 1 page 141 kB) (in Danish)

Note: the language of the Debate/Conference: Danish
Debate with Margrethe Vestager 15.01.2016
Debate with Margrethe Vestager 15.01.2016 -- Debate with Margrethe Vestager 15.01.2016
1 December, 2015 - Time: 9:30 - 15.00
Place: Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Thy, Denmark
Debate/Conference: The Necessary Transition to Renewable Energy in all Levels in the European Cooperation including Transport - Title in Danish: Den nodvendige omstilling til Vedvarende Energi pa alle niveauer i det europaeiske samarbejde ogsa transport.
Speakers include: Ole Vagn Christensen, president of Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy. Torbjorn Olausson, EC representation in Denmark Europa-House; Per Poulsen, board member of Arbejdsgiveren; Henning Bo Madsen, NOAH & koordinator for EU project Community Power; Morten Victor Petersen, president for Association of Household Windmills; Lene Kjeldgaard Jensen, Mayor of Thisted municipality.

Download: Program in Danish (pdf 89 kB)

Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable EnergyRead more at the website of the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy (in Danish):
-- Program

-- Proceedings

Note: The language of the Debate/Conference: Danish

25 September, 2015
AARHUS 2017 - Launching Sustainable Strategy:
Sustainability Model for a European Capital
of Culture
Time: 15.30 - 17.30
Place: Turbinehallen, Kalkvaerksvej 12, Aarhus, Denmark

How do We Ensure Sustainability of the Future European Capital of Cultures?
The Sustainability Model will show how sustainability can be incorporated into cultural projects such as: food & drink, communication & behaviour, drive, art & culture.

- Welcome by Juliana Engberg, Aarhus 2017
- Sustainability Strategy Model by Martin Thim, World Perfect & Peter Christiansen, Samsø Energiakademi, Denmark (pdf 5.8 MB).
- Sustainability Across the European Capital of Cultures:
- Leuwarden 2018 by Simon Tijsma, Netherlands (pdf 4.5 MB)
- San Sebastian 2016 by Eneko Garate, Spain (pdf 1.4 MB)
- Aarhus 2017 Projects and Sustainability: How do Aarhus 2017 projects working with sustainability?
- The Street Mejlgade by Anna Bonnichsen, Aarhus, Denmark (pdf 3.6 MB)
--Prison by Chef. Claus Pettersson, Aarhus, Denmark

After the presentations, there was a guided tour at Kulbroen and Slagterihavnen presenting a part of the change occurring in Central Jutland Region within street sport, music, art & street and performing arts, architecture & urban spaces, creative industries, film & animation and gastronomy.

- Download: Program in English (pdf 183 kB)
- Download: Program in Danish (pdf 128 kB)
- Aarhus 2017 's website: Event (in Danish)
- Samsø Energy Academy's web site: Event (in Danish)

The Event is open for everybody and the participation is free of charge.
Registration/Contact: Peter Christensen, Samsø Energy Academy:
The event is supported by Aarhus 2017, and
by Europa Nævnet as part of a cooperation among the Danish INFORSE members.

• October 2, 2014
Place: Samsø island, Denmark
Debate on EU's role in sustainable development of the islands in EU.
The participants included people from Samsø, Region Midtjylland as well as there were participants
from the Smilegov Project in Greece, Estland, Cypern, Madeira, Sweden and Scotland.

Marcel Meijer, the major of the Samsø island, spoke about sustainable society development.

Gunnar Boye Olesen from INFORSE-Europe spoke about INFORSE-Europe and EU's role in sustainable energy DÙveloppement.
Power Point presentation (1.5 MB pdf file in Danish).

• September 6, 2014
Electric Equipments and the EU
Debate: "How Much Should EU decide?" with Magrete Auken (MEP, SF), Anders Vistisen (MEP, DF);
Vagn Jelsoe (Danish Association of Users), and Gunnar Boye Olesen (VE) (in Danish).
"How much your Cell Phone Eats?" Measure how much electricity does your equipment use?
Build your solar cell driven battery to your mobil.

Godsbanen, room: Remisen, Aarhus, Denmark.
Organised in cooperation: VedvarendeEnergi, Energitjenesten, UngEnergi, International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE-Europe). Included in the programs of Aarhus Festuge and Aarhus Godsbanen.

Read more / program:
Event on VedvarendeEnergi's facebook
Aarhus Festuge and Godsbanen.
-- Swotee event site
Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy
• May 22, 2014 (13:00 to 17:00) (Note: Conference language: Danish)
Theme: Can an Almost Fossil Free Denmark be a Model for Europe?
Better Environment, New Income, Local Employment.
Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark
Among the speakers: Connie Hedegaard, EU Climate Commissioner; Anders Stouge, vice director, Dansk Energi; Ole Morten Petersen, director, DAKOFA; Kim Mortensen, director, Dansk Fjernvarme; Susanne Juhl, administrative director, HMN Naturgas; Carsten Essler Helmer, energy consulant, DS Handvaerk & Industri; Flemming Nor Pedersen, director, Fodevarer og Landbrug
The conference is part of the "Thy and Mors on the Radhuspladsen" and "Folkecenteret's 40 -year RE in Thy" Jubileum.
- Program on the Folkecenter's web site (in Danish)
- Review of the event in the Folkecenter's web site (in Danish)
May 15-17, 2014 (9:30 - 16:00) (Note: Conference language: Danish)
Fossil Free and Thy Conference

Excursion and Exhibition and Open House at the Nordic Folkecenter
Theme: What can Danmark, Norden and EU Learn from Thy?
What Can Thy Learn from the Other Part of Denmark, Norden and EU?

: Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Thy, Denmark.
Organisers: Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable energy with International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE-Europe), Thisted Municipality.

From the Program:
- "EU's Energy Plan 2030". Dialog between Tove Videbaek, Conservative candidate to the European Parliament (EP) and Britta Thomsen, MEP and and candidate to EP.
- "Status for the Danish plans to make Denmark Fossil Free"”, Per Clausen, MF (EL), Enhedslisten.
- "Fossil Free Norden i 2050", Tryggvi Felixson, senior adviser to the Nordisk Rad.
- "Thy reached far already; what are the future plans? , Lene Kjelgaard Jensen, mayor, Thisted Municipality.
- "Sun and Wind are Fluctuating Energy. How to do it?", Preben Maegaard, Nordisk Folkecenter Chair Emeritus.
- "Folkecenter - a 100 % Fossil Free Center". What the world is looking for as solutions for the future is already reality at the center. This knowledge is to inspire others. We wish that Europe, Norden, Danmark og Thy will be model for the rest of the world and support the international agenda towards a fossil free future and democracy, sustainability and jobs for all, Jane Kruse, Chair, Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy.
- Program on the Folkecenter's website (in Danish)
- Review of the event at the Folkecenter's website (in Danish)

VedvarendeEnergi logo Connie Hedegaard, Kristian Wurt, Per Asmussen, Gunnar Boye Olesen, Soren Hermansen
Debate Aarhus March 22 2014 EU Climate and Energy
Debate Aarhus March 22 2014 EU Climate and Energy, Connie Hedegaard, EU Climate Commissioner
March 20, 2014 (14.00-17.00)

Debate: EU Climate and Energy Strategy 2030
EU Klima og Energistrategi 2030 (in Danish)
Mediator: Soren Hermansen, Samso Energiakademi.

Presentations and Panel
Connie Hedegaard
, EU Climate Commissioner
- Gunnar Boye Olesen from VedvarendeEnergi (presentation pdf file, 2 MB)
- Kristian Wurts from Aarhus Municipality, Technic and Environment
- Per Asmussen from Kamstrup
- Bo Brummerstedt, Aarhus University
- Henrik Bindslev, Fusion for Energy

Organisers: VedvarendeEnergi, Climate Secretariat of Aarhus Municipality, Aarhus University,
Teknologisk Institute, International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE-Europe).

Place: Aarhus University, Denmark
More: Invitation/Program (pdf) (in Danish)
Invitation: VedvarendeEnergi (in Danish)
Conf Debat Copenhagen November 29, 2013 (14.15-17.15)

Debate: Sustainable Resource Use in a Globalised World
(in Danish)
Et baeredygtigt ressourceforbrug i en globaliseret verden.
Hvad kan EU og Danmark gore?

Discussion with EU Climate Commissioner, Connie Hedegaard, Ariadna Rodrigo (FoEE), Jørgen Henningsen (EPC), Lars Fogh Mortensen (EEA), Ross Jackson (Gaia Trust).
Download: Program (pdf file, 105 kB)

Place: Bethesda, Rømersgade 17, 1362 Copenhagen, Denmark.

More: (in Danish) Background material and Proceedings on NOAH's home page.
Panel November 29 2013 EU Climate Commissioner, Connie Hedegaard,
Monday, 25 November, 2013, 15.00 - 17.00

Debate: "EU's role in the Climate Negotiations - Back from Wasaw
Er EU spydspids eller haemsko i klimakampen?
(in Danish)

Discussion with Gunnar Boye Olesen, VedvarendeEnergi, Prof.Eigil Kaas, Niels Bohr Instituttet, Klima- og Geofysik, Kontorchef Stig Uffe Pedersen, Klima, Energi og Bygningsministeriet.

- Hvad er EU's rimelige andel af en global klimaindsats? Og hvor langt kunne vi na til 2030? Gunnar Boye Olesen (pdf, 1.8 MB)
- EUs klima- og energimalsaetninger for 2030, Stig Uffe Pedersen (pdf, 0.2 MB)

Place: VerdensKulturCentret, Nørre Allé 7, 2200 Copenhagen, Denmark

More: (in Danish) Program Poster (pdf file, 0.6 MB), and
VedvarendeEnergi's home page

VedvarendeEnergi logo
September 18, 2013
Public Meeting: "Come Nearer to Europe"
Which Role has EU in the Sustainable Development of Samsø and Denmark

Place: Samsø island, Denmark

Read More:
Samso Energy Academy- Invitation (in Danish)
Documents of Next Practice including proceedings (in English)
Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy June 20, 2013
Public Meeting: "Fossil Free Thy and EU"
The lectures will present strategies and concrete, successful solutions for being Fossil Free.

From the Program:
Welcome by Jane Kruse, Active Knowledge Dissemination, Folkecenter
- Lone Dybkjaer, former MP and MEP, "I have worked with Renewable Energy from day 1 in the Danish and EU parliament".
- Niels I. Meyer, professor emeritus, "Scandinavia as pioneer region for green transition in Europe".
- Pernille Vigso Bagge, MP, "Renewable energy creates jobs; also therefore we must work with energy issues."
- Lene Kjeldgaard Jensen, Mayor of the municipality of Thisted, "Thisted as leading climate municipality".
- Tryggvi Felixson, Nordic Council, "The Nordic Council's policy for Fossil-free North".

Place: Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Thy, Denmark

Read more:
Folkecenter for Renewable Energy (in English) and (in Danish)

Steen GadeBritta Thomsen MEP
Per Clausen, Palle Bendsen Gunnar Boye Olesen, Jorgen E Olesen

pdf file of the Program

16 June, 2013 (Sunday) kl. 09.30 - 11.00
Fossil Free Europe - How do we Manage it?

Political Festival in Bornholm, Denmark
Place: Hoiers Iscafe, Allinge pa Bornholm

Participants of the Debate:

- Steen Gade, energy spokesman, SF.
- Per Clausen, energy spokesman, Enhedslisten.
- Jorgen E Olesen, professor, Aarhus University.
- Britta Thomsen, MEP, Social Democrats.
- Gunnar Boye Olesen, Political Coordinator, VedvarendeEnergi.
- Palle Bendsen, Modarator, NOAH.

The event is in Danish.
Organised by INFORSE-Europe, VedvarendeEnergi together with NOAH.
Supported by Europa-Nævnet.
More: VE-homepage.

Program Leaflet: pdf file.

Support Renewable Energy in Europe - Support with your Signature
The Program of the event on June 16, 2013 includes the Q-R code, which leads to the signature collection. (It is in Danish).

Følg QR-koden (eller og giv din underskrift
for mere vedvarende energi i Europa.
Underskrifterne overleveres til Klimaminister Martin Lidegaard.
Din underskrift gor en stor forskel!
Debat January 31 2013 Martin Lidegaard Britta Thomsen Debat January 31 2013
VedvarendeEnergi logo Debat January 31 2013

January 31, 2013, 15.00-18.00 - Aarhus/Viby

100% Vedvarende Energi i EU og Danmark
"Grøn energiomstilling i EU. Er der penge til det?"
Offentligt møde om EU's kommende budget med over 1000 milliarder Euro og dets bidrag til den nødvendige omstilling til effektiv brug af vedvarende energi.

Green Energy Transition in EU - Is Money for this?
Public Meeting on the EU Budget of 1,000 Miliard Euro, and its contribution to the necessary transition to effective use of renewable energy. (The meeting is in Danish).

Organisers: VedvarendeEnergi, Climate Secratriat of Aarhus Municipality, International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE-Europe).
Place: OK's Meeting Room, Åhave Parkvej 11, Viby J, Aarhus.

Contact: (Gunnar Boye Olesen)
Event Reviews: VedvarendeEnergi's homepage and
Climate Secretariat of Aarhus Municipality

Program / Proceedings:

Mødeleder Karen Hjulmand, DR.

Velkomst: Bünyamin Simsek, Aarhus Kommune
Introduktion: Jørgen Wisborg: Energiselskabet OKs omstilling til grøn energi

EU's nye budget 2014-2020 og omstilling til grøn energi
Gunnar Boye Olesen, VedvarendeEnergi og INFORSE:
Behov og planer for omstilling til vedvarende energi i Danmark og EU. (Presentation pdf, 0.7 MB),

Britta Thomsen, medlem af Europa-Parlamentet (Socialdemokratiet):
Vil EU være frontløber inden for vedvarende energi?

Frank Elholm, Europa-Kommissionen:
EU's budget og omstilling til grøn energi.

Hvordan vil EU skabe grøn energiomstilling –og hvordan fungerer det i praksis?
Klima-, energi- og bygningsminister Martin Lidegaard:
Kan Danmark bruge EU til at fremme vedvarende energi i Danmark?

Panel og Debate:
Hvordan kan danske virksomheder/organisationer bruge EU’s budget til grøn omstilling?

Samso mindmap Samsø-openspace
26 October, 2012. Friday. Time: 13.00-17.00
Afterwards from 17.00 - soup, beer, and music.

Venue: Samsø island, Denmark

Samsø 2.0 Conference - Debate
Hvad synes du? Hvad er din drøm for Samsøs fremtid? Samsø er et lille samfund og samtidig er Samsø en del af verden, og EU spiller også en rolle for øens fremtid. Det samme gør Regeringens klimaindsats. Hvordan sikrer vi, at der i 2030 er sammenhæng mellem vision og praktik på Samsø? Vil vi selv eje og drive den udvikling?

Program/Invitation on Samsø Energiakademiet's home page: "Vi er mange der glæder os til Konferencen"
and Program/Invitation as pdf file.

Proceedings of Shared Space and Open Space
can be seen as flash document from Samsø Energiakademiet's home page: Samsø 2.0.

Local organiser
: Samsø Energy Academy.
EU-Klima Debat 1 EU Klima Debat 2
NOAH logo 11 October, 2012. (Thursday). Time: 14.00-17.00

"Klimaloven - Bliver den Europas Stærkeste?" (in Danish)
"Climate Law - Will the Danish Climate Law the Strongest in Europe?

Venue: National Museum, Festsalen, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Program/Proceedings on NOAH's home page: "Møde om Klimaloven" and Program/Invitation as pdf file.

Local organiser: NOAH.
INFORSE-exhibition INFORSE-Exhibition
24 September, 2012 (Monday). Time: 10 AM - 3 PM
Europa Messen 2012 - Annual Exhibition and Conference on Europe

Venue: National Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark

INFORSE-Europe had a stall together with the Danish INFORSE members -The Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Sustainable Energy (Vedvarende Energi), NOAH (FoE Denmark), Samsø Energy Academy.
See films and pictures on Europa-Nævnet home page.
EU debat Folkecenter 14 April, 2012, Time: 11.00-16.00
Place: Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Denmark.

Climate Policy "From the outskirts to the energy center with focus on Denmark and Uganda." - How can EU policy regarding energy and agricultural development be met?

Link: Program (in English) at the Folkecenter's web site.
Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy Klimapolitik ”Fra udkant til energicentrum med fokus på Danmark og Uganda”. - Hvorledes kan EU’s politik inden for energi og landbrugsudvikling imødekommes.
- Program (in Danish) at the Folkecenter's web site.
- Proceedings (in Danish) at the Folkecenter's web site
Local organiser: Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy.

Role Play Game on EU and Energy - Har EU styr pa energien?
Energitjenesten / KMEK / VedvarendeEnergi has developed an EU Climate Negotiation Role Playing Game for high school children. It is developed based on the success of the UN Climate Negotiation Role Playing Game. The Authors are: Janus Hendrichsen and Gunnar Boye Olesen. Link on Energitjenesten's web site.

The Role Play was tested in schools in 2013, and there is teachers training in 2014. To assist the teachers a video was made: "Har EU styr pa energien?" . Filmed and edited by Morten Kjaergaard.


In this page you can read about activities and events by the Danish active INFORSE-Europe members as NOAH (FoE Denmark), Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, SustainableEnergy (VedvarendeEnergi), and Samsø Energy Academy. The activities are focusing on information on EU energy policy in Denmark and they are in the framework of two 3-year project period 2012-14, and 2015-17.
The activities and events are supported by "Europa Nævnet" for INFORSE-Europe, in cooperation with the Danish INFORSE-Europe members,. i.e. NOAH (FoE Denmark), Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Sustainable Energy (Vedvarende Energi), Samsø Energy Academy.