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1. INFORSE Network Information
The Secretariat answers to enquiries related to the following issues:
INFORSE membership
Sustainable Energy News

800 Sustainable Energy Contacts

The very basis for providing information service is among others an up-dated and well-informed knowledge of all INFORSE members. With the help of an up-dated database, the Secretariat is able to retrieve and share detailed information about all registered members and contacts. The Secretariat requests all organisations to up-date their correct contact details on a regular basis and provide information about their activities, in order to facilitate networking within INFORSE network.

The Secretariat has compiled and developed the Worldwide and European Contact Lists Database since 1992. These lists contain about 800 NGOs and other institutions working with renewable energy efficiency and sustainable energy development.
The Contact List was published in Sustainable Energy News issues until 2002. Since 2003 it is available as online.

You can check Your Contact Details ONLINE!:
- You can see the INFORSE members in each region.
- You can search the Members and the Contacts according to the name of the country, and name of organisation.

If you want your organisation to appear on the Contact List or to update your contact details, please click here to down load the Contact List Form in word doc file (20 kB).
If you have news about your organisation please contact us via:

2. Co-ordination of INFORSE Lobby Activity
The Secretariat facilitates and co-ordinates INFORSE inputs and participation in the global political agenda.
- INFORSE was established by NGOs at the Global Forum paralel to the UNCED conference in 2002.
- INFORSE has UN ECOSOC oberver status since 1998.
- INFORSE has made several exhibitions and campaigns in relation to the Rio+10 Process like at WSSD in 2002, Renewable Conference in 2004 in Bonn.
Read on INFORSE at Bonn.
- INFORSE has participated in the UN CSD process, when energy is among the main issues, e.g., CSD15 (2007), CSD14 (2006) and at CSD9 in New York.
- In 2008 and 2009 INFORSE activily participates in the UNFCCC COP 14 in Poznan and COP15 in Copanhagen. Eexhibition and side event are organised.
Read on at INFORSE at Poznan 1-12, December 2008.
- INFORSE-Europe has an active role on EU energy policy since 2002.
Read on INFORSE-Europe on EU Policy.

INFORSE Anniversaries
Special issue of Sustainable Energy News was published - 15-year anniversary, Nr. 58, October 2007
-10-year anniversary, Nr. 38, October, 2002

INFORSE has made an exhibition with 16 posters, and
Brochures for these anniversaries.
4. Publishing of Sustainable Energy News (SEN)
Sustainable Energy News (SEN) is the INFORSE newsletter and is published four times a year. The newsletter is distributed to around 2-3,000 receivers all over the world. SEN contains news on renewable energy from different countries. It is free of charge for members of the Network and for all NGOs. Individuals, private organisations and governmental organisations pay a subscription fee of 25 EUR a year. About subscription please see the following details Subscribe Now!

Your contributions in the form of articles, photos or information about events in your country or region are always welcome. Please contact the editors at

5. Maintenance of
The INFORSE Secretariat maintains the Network's homepage, which contains information about INFORSE members, the Regional Coordinators as well as about the network's activities. The web site also includes Sustainable Energy News issues. The issues can be downloaded in pdf format (See above). The database of the Contact List is also searchable online.

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Secretariat of INFORSE
The Secretariat is hosted by
The Danish Organisation for Renewable Energy

The Secretariat serves the members of the network through the following services:
1. INFORSE Network Information
2. Co-ordination of INFORSE Lobby Activity
4. Publishing Sustainable Energy News (SEN)
5. Maintenance of
INFORSE Secretariat
Klosterport 4E, 1. floor
DK-8000 Aarhus C
Phone: +45 86 22 70 00
Phone/Fax: +45 86 22 70 96
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